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New Medicine Service

The NHS’s New Medicine Service (NMS) in Tideswell provides free support to patients with long-term medical issues. It is designed for specific medical issues and patient groups.

This service is designed to improve adherence to treatments and, as a result, lower medication waste. By detecting adverse drug interactions in patients early in their treatment the New Medicine Service helps reduce hospital admissions. Our pharmacists will provide you with recommendations on how to handle your medical conditions as well as lifestyle adjustments.


Who is eligible for the New Medicine Service in Tideswell?

When you start taking a new drug for the following reasons, you are eligible for the New Medicine Service:

– Diabetes
– Asthma/COPD
– Antiplatelet/Anticoagulant therapy

At Tideswell Pharmacy, one of our experienced pharmacists will ask for your written approval before providing you with this service. You will be given more information about the new drug and service after that.



What to expect during the consultation

We will schedule a one-on-one or phone follow-up with you within two weeks after the initial session. The pharmacist will ask you how you’re doing with the new drug during the follow-up consultation. The pharmacist will also provide not only necessary information but also help if you have any problems.

We will schedule a final consultation with you in the next 1 to 2 weeks. This will help you understand more about your new drug and how to avoid any negative side effects.

If you’re considering starting a new medication, ask one of our pharmacists if you’re eligible for our new medicine service.

We’re here to make sure you have the best possible care throughout your treatment and recovery. This will help you get the best outcome and results from the medicine.

For more information about the New Medicine Service, as well as the other services we provide, please get in touch.